The universe is the eternal movement of evolution and change, and as living breathing beings in this universe, we too are growing, shifting and evolving.

When we feel challenged or stuck, it’s a special opportunity to discover the source of our resistance or challenge.  This discovery can lead to a shift in perspective that restores balance to our approach to life, an acceptance or surrender that allows for space to grow, and an evolution of self that accepts the invitation to be fully experience life and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

My approach to astrology is of a therapeutic, trans-personal and evolutionary nature. I see the chart as the lens through which we see the world, and I strive to see what lies behind the lens as well as help balance or remove distortions from our point of view.

Natal chart readings provide a background for predictive techniques and year ahead readings that can be done in a follow up. All readings include a natal or transit report.