Homeopathy is a gentle, effective form of medicine that restores your body’s ability to rebalance and heal itself. I use homeopathy as a tool in my holistic practice to facilitate the individual through any life stage or circumstance. A well selected similimum is one that naturally emerges from the explorations done in holistic counseling. It has the potential to bring greater freedom of expression, movement and the ability to take the next step in our evolution on the mental, emotional and physical levels.

Always individualized, the homeopathic remedy will be matched multi-dimensionally to your experience of life: your suffering and stress, your striving and desires. It is a custom medicine for your mind, body and soul and not only facilitates your growth as an individual but also brings a deeper embodiment of our unique essence. The more we use homeopathy for acute or chronic conditions the more effective it becomes as a first line approach when the need arises, and an integral part of our self care and wellness tools.


Contrary to what many people believe there is a tremendous amount of research into homeopathy, including laboratory ‘in vitro’ research on cell lines to systematic reviews and meta analyses. For more on the universe of research in homeopathy, visit https://www.hri-research.org/

Studies of interest

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