Open dialogue about your striving or challenges with the goal of exploring what lies beyond the reactions of the ego and the rational mind. Facilitation around stress points and defenses allows access to the dynamic energy underlying our experiences. Connecting with this dynamic energy is therapeutic in itself and can often unlock and support our healing process.

60 minutes

OPA member promo ($50)


Be guided by your impulses, reactions, stressors and desires to find your way to what lies at the core of your experience. This is a package to work with me in the short term to explore your inner world and it’s match in nature. When the carefully selected homeopathy remedy resonates with us and our experience of our inner dimensions, subtle, vital energy becomes free to re-organize itself and can stop expressing mental, emotional and physical symptoms of dis-ease.

This package will include remedy selection but not cost of the remedy itself. You will be able to order it for yourself via the I&E apothecary in the United States.

INCLUDES One 90 minute session + Two 60 minute sessions + Core remedy selection

Regular rate ($300) OPA member rate ($240)


Would you like to participate in a research project examining how a good similimum corresponds to the natal chart? I’ve seen that a well selected remedy will show significant improvement in freedom of movement, optimism, relationships as well as in the chief complaint within 18-21 days and I would like to explore this, and other phenomenons in more depth. Please sign up here if you’d like to learn more or to participate.