It’s Leo Season: Happy Birthday, Leo!


Summer is in full swing, and the world is in abundant expression for your birthday season, Leo. While Cancer has brought us through the experience of emotional awareness and lessons around how our feelings prompt us to action, you have the gift of self expression and creativity to bestow on the world.

To be ‘Leo’ means there is a desire to show, to be seen. To attract attention feels natural to you. When all eyes are on you, then all is right with the world and the show can go on. While this may seem superficial or shallow, it’s actually serious business for the native with a Leo sun or moon to have that sense of alignment around fun, play and creativity.
Without the pleasure of fun and self expression, life’s natural order is lost. Without that spark of joy, work is draining, chores are torture and relationships are boring. Coming from the heart helps us to align to something greater than our own creations; something that can transform drudgery and boredom into wonder and joy.

It’s no surprise that where we find Leo in our charts is also where we find the unencumbered heart; children, romantic relationships and where you feel most illuminated and alive. This is a place that usually doesn’t require much analysis or thought because when we spend time there, the world is eclipsed by the experience we’ve given ourselves over to. Often, time is not a factor here and space also gives way in service to this experience that we’re immersed in.

As the 2nd fire sign of the zodiac, Leo is well poised to develop and customize the space we take. There is a flair for the dramatic, perhaps, because what better way to take and maintain space than by captivating the attention of those around us? Leo is also a fixed sign, meaning the energy is one that is sustained and constant, like Taurus (also a fixed sign). This is reflected in Leo’s loyalty and sometimes stubborn nature. They make great middle managers because they understand the need for stability and know how to inspire others to do their best.
On a good day, Leo is an unstoppable force of nature, shining light and bringing joy everywhere they go. When suffering, Leo might withdraw and retreat, but more often than not, they will still be reaching for the attention that ensures a continuity of life for them. Here is where we find a need for attention that borders on pathological because it’s no longer in service to joy and play and is instead employed to soothe a wounded pride, an insecurity in their ability to shine and be seen.

We don’t have to look far to get a sense of how important being at the center of things is for Leo. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which all of the planets in our solar system orbit it all the time. If it were not for the Sun, all of the planets would quickly lose their place in orbit and it would bring catastrophe to earth. The Sun never sleeps, it is constantly shining down on us and ways re-appears in the morning, even when we’ve turned towards the night sky every evening. The essence of the Sun is to hold it all together; effortlessly and brilliantly all the time.

When Leo struggles, engaging with the qualities in the sign opposite, Aquarius, will help this energy to be rebalanced. In addition to a quality of detachment, Aquarius brings what is different and unconventional to the forefront of their values. Whereas Leo holds individual expression, Aquarius holds society and collective expression as well as a responsibility that never lies with a single individual. Together, Aquarius and Leo bring something truly unique into creation. If Leo is the rock star, and Aquarius the audience, isn’t a concert the ultimate example of the organizing principle that Leo brings?

The simplest way to step out of the suffering that can come from feeling ignored, looked over and not chosen is to turn your direction to another source of light. To know that everyone has a uniqueness within them, and to encourage that is the way to healing our own sense of self and belonging in the world.

To learn more about how to access heartfelt joy, look to the placement of the Sun and the house ruled by Leo in your natal chart. If you’d like a reading to help shed light on your patterns of creativity, happiness and creativity, book a free discovery session with me today.

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Suzana is holistic counselor, homeopath and astrologer. She holds a multidimensional approach that supports the individual in their evolution of self and healing journey. Passionate about healing for over 30 years, she loves seeing the patterns of the universe and helping people integrate their experiences of the collective, transpersonal worlds into their daily lives.

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