2024 Solar eclipse in Aries

AI Image created via ideogram.ai. In the style of Gustave Moreau, symbolic. Chiron faces away from the cave toward the illuminated valley. He’s resting on the ground, holding a spear that is lowered. The serpent at his feet, along with his body directed towards the cave symbolizes his integration with the darker elements of life.

Solar eclipse at 19 degrees Aries; 3:25 pm EST on April 8, 2024


This solar eclipse is doing more than helping to usher in a new season in the northern hemisphere. Conjunct Chiron to the degree, it is holding a strong and clear message about actions that are premature, reactionary or without awareness that keep us in a repeating loop of self harm or harm to others can begin to be resolved at this time. Because Mercury is also retrograde in Aries, there is an opportunity to not only recognize this pattern but to integrate it and create a new pattern. A deep introspection is supported by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Pisces, and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus promises to open up a new sense of security and freedom in relationship.

Aries is a force to be reckoned with. This is an unstoppable, unbridled energy. It’s passionate and determined nature will always get them where they want to go no matter the obstacle. It’s also easily distracted from what motivates them. As long as they’re conquering, in movement, and taking action all is well. Or is it?

With Chiron transiting this sign 2018 we’ve had an invitation to visit with what is essential to our identity and how we take our place in the world and our personal relationships. Issues of anger, resentment, and feeling unseen by others can all be related to our ability to stand tall in our own skin and to do what is right for ourselves. On the other end of the scale is timidity, and avoiding decisions through lack of action in order to sustain relationship. Balancing what is right for us with what is right for others is the art of relationship. Sometimes it can feel like war (internally within ourselves or expressed towards others) and is not for the faint of heart. Choosing to honor ourselves in relationship requires that we first accept ourselves wholeheartedly because any part of our nature that is rejected or hidden will live in shadow and contribute to the pattern we make anyways. This is the stuff that projections are made of because hiding something from our awareness doesn’t make it disappear, it just makes it pop up outside of ourselves.

The wound that Chiron brings to Aries is an existential one that might have us question if we have the right to be here at all. Alternatively, we might conceal what we really want for fear that it will be spoiled by outside forces or because it doesn’t fit the image we’ve created in order to belong. This creates a terrible injury to our sense of autonomy in the world and only serves to isolate us from ourselves and others.

One of the gifts of Chiron is being different and the reality that this entails for our lives as people in our tribe, our society, family and culture. Rejected by his Mother at birth for being a monster, Chiron went on to become admired and a great teacher after being adopted by Apollo and learning about art, war and medicine. What would have become of Chiron had he not followed his own path? Looking to the behavior of other centaurs; they were rowdy party crashers that liked to get drunk and rape people; so different from the master healer, strategist and artist that was Chiron and yet it was Chiron who bore a wound that he could never heal from. Did his life journey as a healer and teacher separate himself from his base animal instincts? Obviously yes; he didn’t grow up with the other centaurs, and instead learned from a God. The symbolic meaning of the wound on the lower half of his body points to the necessary integration of the body, along with all it’s impulses, frailties and imperfections that we’d rather not consider but that also make us whole. Which is actually Chiron’s greatest gift; to be whole and accepting of what makes us less than perfect, of what makes us human.

This Aries season, consider sharing some of that vulnerability with others. It may just help someone remember their wholeness and help you embrace your shadow.

Some questions for self enquiry:

  • Is it difficult for you to stop living at a certain momentum or pace? How come? Do you desire the feeling that comes with that action or does the action replace an existing sensation that comes when you’re at rest.
  • When you refrain from indulging in your habits and patterns, what is the emotion or energy that you’re really looking for?
  • Do you have desires that you conceal? Why? What would happen if you shared them with another person?

Important dates in April 2024

April 1: Mercury retrograde at 27 degrees Aries

April 3: Venus conjunct Neptune at 28 degrees Pisces

April 8: Solar eclipse conjunct Chiron at 19 degrees Aries

April 10: Mars conjunct Saturn at 14 degrees Pisces

April 20: Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus

April 23: Full moon at 4 degrees Scorpio

April 25: Mercury direct at 15 degrees Aries


Read your sun and rising sign. (Use the free chart calculator on www.astrodienst.com or email me your date, time and place of birth for a copy of your chart.)

Aries sun or rising

The solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your sign illuminates areas of deep-seated wounds, urging you to confront and heal them.  This new moon is a special opportunity to bring unconscious patterns that are undermining your sense of security in the world to light.  Doing this work isn’t easy but if you have the patience to balance introspection with action you’ll lay the groundwork for great rewards, both financial and in the validation of your self worth.

Taurus sun or rising

Taurus, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your spiritual sector, prompts introspection and spiritual healing. Pay attention to your intuition and subconscious messages because they’re inviting you to turn the page on who you used to be and start to foster who you’re becoming. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your sign brings unexpected opportunities for personal growth and expansion of your horizons. However, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your house of friendships and groups, you’ll need to face challenges in collaborations. Stay resilient, focus on long-term goals and stay open to the question of what you want your future to look like.

Gemini sun or rising

Gemini, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your social sector highlights healing within your friendships and community connections. Open up to vulnerability and authentic communication to step out of old patterns when it comes to friends and community.  Know that directing your efforts towards your career with patience and discipline will help you discern your new vision for the future, but make room for sudden insights or spiritual awakenings that will guide you towards a deeper understanding of your purpose. 

Cancer sun or rising

Cancer, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your career sector signifies a period of healing and growth in your professional life.  You’ve had your challenges in recent years in this area but you should embrace your vulnerabilities and trust in your abilities.  Part of why it’s been difficult for you could be outdated dogmatic thinking or rigid ideologies hindering your growth. Stay open-minded and expect some stellar support from connections through your network to deliver some unexpected opportunities.

Leo sun or rising

Leo, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your sector of beliefs encourages you to confront any limiting beliefs or ideologies holding you back. Embrace a journey of self-discovery and expansion.  Consider how the larger framework of your beliefs guide your everyday activities and assess what needs to change for you. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your career sector will bring some unexpected opportunities for growth and innovation in your professional life, while Mars conjunct Saturn in your sector of shared resources is demanding that you manage joint finances and investments wisely.  This includes karmic relationships that are past their expiry date.  Cleaning out your karma might take a while but you’ll be rewarded with deeper emotional and physical exchanges.

Virgo sun or rising

Virgo, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your sector of transformation signifies a period of deep emotional healing and regeneration. Trust in the process of personal growth and know that introspection balanced with action is key. With Mars conjunct Saturn in your partnership sector, conflicts may arise in close relationships that demand this transformation. Remember to practice patience and compromise but above all try to put your needs first for once.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your sector of beliefs and higher learning sparks intellectual breakthroughs and opportunities for expanding your horizons.) 

Libra sun or rising

Libra, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your partnership sector brings opportunities for healing and growth within your closest relationships. Embracing vulnerability and honest communication will help Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your sector of transformation and bring unexpected financial or emotional support from external sources. Yet, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your sector of health, prioritize self-care and avoid overexertion to maintain your well-being.

Scorpio sun or rising

Scorpio, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your sector of health and routines urges you to prioritize self-care and healing practices. Listen to your body’s needs and establish healthy habits and consider how to transform a chore into an activity you desire.  You can expect some sudden shifts in your closest relationships, either through new connections or transformative experiences with current partners due to Jupiter conjunct Uranus later this month. 

Sagittarius sun or rising

Sagittarius, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your sector of creativity and self-expression encourages you to embrace your unique talents and passions, despite any past insecurities; don’t let self doubt hinder your fun. While you might have to address any tensions or responsibilities within your household with patience and maturity, you can tap into your natural ability for adventure to revitalize your health routine. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the sector of your chart that rules your daily habits will bring opportunities for revolutionary changes in your lifestyle and self care plan.

Capricorn sun or rising

Capricorn, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your home and family sector signifies a period of emotional healing and reconciliation within your family line, reconnecting you to your deepest roots.  This could open up some unexpected breakthroughs with your children or creative projects but remember to be mindful of your words and diplomatic communication if conflicts should arise. 

Aquarius sun or rising

Aquarius, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your communication sector highlights the importance of honest and compassionate communication in your relationships. Speak your truth with kindness and empathy and try to love the people that make up the humanity you idealize. There is a need to work on your self worth and self values.  If you find yourself spending impulsively or being miserly consider that a direct reflection of seeking security in this world.  Doing this work can lead to a much more fulfilling and soulful center for you.

Pisces sun or rising

Pisces, the solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in your financial sector encourages you to confront and heal any financial insecurities or self-worth issues. Trust in your ability to attract abundance but be patient and persistent in pursuing your goals, despite obstacles, you have what it takes to succeed. Keep an eye out for unexpected news or opportunities for learning and networking to help you translate your hard work into solid confidence.

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A note about the AI generated image. Below is the first result from my prompt. Despite prompting a centaur, the image is of a man on a horse with spear raised and didn’t capture any of the darkness or shadow element necessary to depict Chiron. Also, Gustave Moreau was an Aries.

AI image: Man on horse, seemingly victorious rushing out of the cave but oblivious to the danger of the snake.
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