2023 Gemini New Moon

AI Image created via ideogram.ai: Hilma AF Klimt, spiritual

Full Moon at 4 degrees Gemini, 4:16 am EST on November 27, 2023


This full moon follows the highly charged new moon in Scorpio earlier in the month. That new moon may have revealed emotions, desires or even beliefs that are not integrated in our current reality.  How are you responding to any catalysts that came into your life alongside that new moon? What do you need to accept or let go of to evolve your understanding into something more experiential and less conceptual or thought driven?

This full moon in Gemini brings an opportunity to question the wholeness of our thoughts and the larger belief systems they belong to. Because our minds can only perceive in parts, it builds thoughts into concepts that we can use to navigate life.  If there’s a gap, the brain will fill it in, so it’s essential for us to bring our whole organism to that process, all the while staying in a playful, curious learning mode.  When we leave the framework of our life up to the mind alone, we will inevitable get lost in thoughts that become contradictory or even false and we lose the potential for guidance by our intuition as well as our intellect. The shadows that are illuminated by the light of the moon showing us the way become boogeymen that drive us from our path rather than helpful markers of consciousness that’s less evolved.  By bringing our heart into the process, and by gently witnessing the movements of our minds we can harness this full moon to bring us closer to a true, multi-dimensional knowing and navigating our reality. 

The moon is answering to mercury in Sagittarius which is in the shadow of it’s upcoming retrograde (Dec 14-Jan 3, and from 22 degrees Sagittarius to 8 degrees Capricorn). Mercury is aligned by trine with the north node in Aries and by sextile to Venus in Libra, while the sun is still in a conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius and squaring Saturn in Pisces.  There are chapters to this story that will continue to unfold between now and the end of it’s shadow phase on January 21, 2024 when it finally clears the degree of it’s shadow at 22 degrees of Sagittarius.

There’s a karmic element of binding and bringing together while simultaneously dissolving and separating something.  The challenge and gift for Gemini is to make chaos constructive and to allow for new stories to evolve by embracing the ability and willingness to see from every level of consciousness, not just the one that keeps the pattern intact.  The story that doesn’t change has ended, it’s no longer alive and instead relies on someone to tell it, to sell it, or exchange for it.  I’m sure there’s at least one story you’re tired of telling yourself or others, so take up the task for this full moon. Try to translate patterns of great significance and meaning into something that can be embodied without simplifying or trivializing them into a label or concept just so they can fit in your head.  Try to step into a bigger dimension of consciousness and a new paradigm that allows all the pieces to organize themselves rather than needing to push them or hold them in place.

Listen with your heart to what feels like a capricious whim or unexpected information. Where are they leading you? Do you feel safe? Do you feel limited? Step into the story that you’re living your life by and imagine a new narrative. Which labels are no longer appropriate? How does it feel to embark on something without a label? 

Keep yourself open to the unexpected and entertain some of the trickster energy that this full moon brings by allowing it to settle into your body.  Let yourself take the time to understand that doubt without falling prey to the division that fear and uncertainty can create.  While separation or judgement of an external factor or influence can keep us feeling safe, question the false sense of security that only serves to distance us from the source of uncertainty which in turn disconnects us from learning and engaging deeply with the world.  To support your continued evolution during this full moon, ask yourself: 

  • What story are you attached to? 
  • Is that story really true? 
  • What perspective or point of view is opened up if you let go of that narrative?
  • How would this new perspective change your momentum or direction in life?


Read your sun and rising sign. (Use the free chart calculator on www.astrodienst.com or email me your date, time and place of birth for a copy of your chart.)

Aries sun or rising (Gemini 3rd house/Sagittarius 9th house)

The full moon in Gemini brings light to your communication style and social connections as well as issues of siblings, neighbours and early learning patterns. How would you redefine the narrative of your childhood or upbringing to better suit your spirit of adventure and enthusiasm? Clarity and precision in your communication style can let you chart a new identity in relationships and help you reach your goals with ease and cooperation.

Taurus sun or rising (Gemini 2nd house / Sagittarius 8th house)

This full moon emphasises stability and finances for you, as well as continuing your understanding of what the new moon earlier in the month brought up regarding your partnership.  What is the story running in your mind around relationships and money? It’s a good time to assess your financial situation and make any necessary adjustments. Your practical approach combined with Gemini’s adaptable energy can help you find innovative solutions to any concerns you may have in this regard but beware your fixed Taurean nature doesn’t cut the process short.

Gemini sun or rising (Gemini 1st house/Sagittarius 7th house)

This full moon is in your sign, Gemini, making it an emotionally charged time, especially if you use your mind to avoid emotions. If you’re feeling a heightened sense of awareness and a desire for self-expression, use your favourite medium to get in touch with what is happening inside you.  Collage, writing, or listening to some new music could help you take this opportunity to reflect on your goals and emotions, ensuring you’re in tune with your true desires.

Cancer sun or rising (Gemini 12th house / Sagittarius 6th house)

The full moon in Gemini shines a light on your subconscious and inner world, Cancer. Pay attention to your dreams, intuition, and spiritual insights. It’s a favorable time for introspection and emotional healing.  Allow yourself space for solitude and self-care and let life bring you new visions for being enthusiastic about your day to day life.

Leo sun or rising (Gemini 11th house / Sagittarius 5th house)

The full moon encourages a rethink on your network and social connections and how they could be a kickstart for your creative or romantic energy. Your charisma is heightened, making it an ideal time for collaborations or expanding your social circle so be ready to engage in discussions and exchange ideas with others to broaden your perspectives.  This is an auspicious time to integrate the healing of old wounds in a creative and playful way.

Virgo sun or rising (Gemini 10th house / Sagittarius 4th house)

This full moon emphasises your career and public image, Virgo. Your attention may be drawn to professional goals and ambitions and how you could show up for them in ways that align with you.  Use your intellect and adaptability to navigate any work-related challenges that may arise, and look for opportunities to rewrite the narrative of your worth.  Your tendency to devalue or diminish your capacity might be due for an overhaul.

Libra sun or rising (Gemini 9th house / Sagittarius 3rd house)

The full moon in Gemini highlights the belief systems that you organise your life around.  Travel, education, or philosophical pursuits could figure prominently in letting yourself explore what limits you or lets you grow. Consider expanding your knowledge through learning or exploring new perspectives. Embrace diversity and open-mindedness in your experiences, especially in one on one relationships.  While you’re letting go of old ways of being, this also brings change to your relationships.  Stay open and in a state of learning and curiosity around your higher values and beliefs, be open to changing the song you sing.

Scorpio sun or rising (Gemini 8th house / Sagittarius 2nd house)

Ooh..this full moon brings attention to shared resources and deep connections, Scorpio. Get ready to tap into deep feelings around shared resources and intimate relationships. It’s a good time for discussions regarding trust, intimacy, and any financial matters intertwined with partnerships.  It’s an excellent time to connect with your therapist around how you might open up deep seated feelings and old hurts.

Sagittarius sun or rising (Gemini 7th house / Sagittarius 1st house)

The full moon in Gemini activates your partnerships, Sagittarius. Focus on compromise and effective communication in relationships. Use this time to find a balance between your independence and collaboration with others and try to notice when you’re being self-righteous or arrogant.  You’ve got a good opportunity to adapt to perspectives that are not so black and white that will promote your ability to see and know with clarity.

Capricorn sun or rising (Gemini 6th house / Sagittarius 12th house)

This full moon emphasizes your routines and health, Capricorn. Assess your habits and make adjustments for overall well-being especially when it comes to sleep and rest.  Implementing flexibility into your schedule may prove beneficial at this time, as will paying attention to the symbols and themes that are available to you through dreams.  Starting a dream journal will let you connect and develop a relationship with the reality that precedes our waking life and help you connect with worthwhile goals for yourself.

Aquarius sun or rising (Gemini 5th house / Sagittarius 11th house)

The full moon in Gemini stimulates your creativity and self-expression, Aquarius. Embrace your innovative ideas and artistic inclinations. Engage in activities that allow you to freely express yourself in your social networks and connections but stay aligned with the curious, exploratory nature of Gemini.  If you find yourself in a keyboard war with someone, look at it as an opportunity to examine your assumptions about the world.

Pisces sun or rising (Gemini 4th house / Sagittarius 10th house)

This full moon highlights your home and family life, Pisces. Focus on creating harmony and open communication within your domestic sphere. Embrace flexibility and adaptability to navigate any changes on the home front.  Your natural ability to adapt is being challenged to help you define a life that is rewarding and sustainable for you.  With patience and a commitment to seeing something through you’ll ground your dreams and desires in reality.

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A note about the AI generated image. I wanted to portray a woman reflecting her different faces (Gemini moon). The prompt was ‘a woman standing in a hall of mirrors’. The featured image above is in the same style as the 2023 New Moon in Scorpio image, but I also generated some others in the style of famous Gemini artists.

AI image: Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Gemini Sun), art nouveau style.
AI image: Hirohiko Araki (Gemini sun) , manga style
Ai image: Egon Schiele (Gemini Sun) , spiritualist style
Ai image: Hilma Af Klimt (Scorpio sun), spiritualist style
Ai image: Hilma Af Klimt, spiritualist style
Ai image: Hilma Af Klimt, spiritualist style
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