2023 Scorpio New Moon

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New Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio, 4:27 am EST on November 13, 2023

The Sun is conjunct Moon and Mars in Scorpio, opposite Uranus, which is co-present with Jupiter in Taurus. Mars is also trine Neptune in Pisces. Natives with fixed signatures in their chart, or planets within the 20-25 degree range of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be most attuned to what this new moon brings. Natives with planets at 20-25 degrees Cancer and Pisces, or 20-25 Virgo and Capricorn also hold a signature that’s nicely aligned with this energy.


Knowing and acknowledging who you are and who you are becoming is the key to unlocking the energy of this new moon. It will initiate a process that involves releasing the undertow of our will, transforming not just the outward effect of our actions but letting it connect to and accept the deeper place our desires originate from.

This is a process that requires awareness and flexibility for the greatest rewards, so ride this energy by strengthening the intimate relationship you have with yourself first.  Although there can be a chance to connect to this energy through a person or an event, remember that any external event is also (primarily) a catalyst for your internal process.  Don’t skip the work on your internal process if you want to avoid the potentially destructive aspects of this new moon.   Stay flexible, try to avoid reacting even if you get triggered and be honest with yourself if you want to tap into this transformative creative energy.  Mars in Scorpio will let us harness something that can lift us out of old and long time karma, fears or insecurities; maybe even lending it’s energy to dissolving a trauma response or allowing us to see relationship patterns more clearly, from a place that’s more empowering.

Aspects of ourselves that have been hidden or unseen can now be brought into the world in a way that can be very rewarding and fruitful through the support of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Instability and endings can be appropriate tools for healing, and they can be applied with precision on our psyche and energetic patterns.  Mars in Scorpio gives us the courage to be intimate with ourselves in that place where our fears live and honesty is the necessary first step in this process.  By acknowledging what we’re holding in that place within us, we can unlock and tap into the source of our desire without getting caught in the undertow of emotions and trauma that have kept this energy trapped and unavailable.

This intense surrender to what we’ve kept hidden from ourselves and others is one that can create the groundwork for real intimacy. True intimacy is when we are not hiding anything from ourselves, or seeking our identity from a label or external validation. When we can reclaim our shadow, we liberate ourselves from more complicated feelings. Grief, shame, lust, jealousy, possession are emotions that are as essential as joy or love in how we show up as whole human beings but they’re infinitely more complex. It’s necessary that we rise to the challenge of keeping an open heart when we feel them, to allow them to pass through so that we’re not obstructed from the energy of life.

This new moon is not an eclipse, but the energy pattern is similar and will act as a gate to bring the work of the eclipses that happened in Taurus/Scorpio since January 2022 forward into the eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis of your chart for the next 2 ½ years.  This month brings a deep focus on relationships as well, since the nature of Aries and Libra is to complement and balance the individual in partnership.

This month the universe has your back to make great strides in cutting away and letting go of what has been holding you back and holding you down, take the opportunity to be open to a new way of seeing and living.


Read your sun and rising sign. (Use the free chart calculator on www.astrodienst.com or email me your date, time and place of birth for a copy of your chart.)

ARIES SUN OR RISING (Taurus 2nd house, Scorpio 8th house):  This month, consider if you’ve been too conservative or if you’ve undermined yourself when it comes to earning money for yourself or acknowledging your self worth because you’re hiding something that will complicate achieving your goal.  Take some time for introspection and explore what is limiting your sense of security when it comes to being yourself. Then imagine what life would be like if you accepted a way forward that is less than direct and that may be emotionally risky for you. This new moon will help you embark on a new chapter of how to get what you want.

TAURUS SUN OR RISING (Taurus 1st house, Scorpio 7th house): You’re ready for change.  True change is not about adopting a different perspective or changing how you dress.  It’s a total realignment of how you feel when you walk out the door to meet the world.  How have you changed since 2019?  Would you have recognized your self of today 5 years ago? If so, get ready to get dialled in on everything that makes your world stop and your heart skip a beat.  Stop spending your energy building a materialistic framework of what you think your life should look like and start listening to the beating heart of what is under the surface of what you desire.

GEMINI SUN OR RISING (Taurus 12th house, Scorpio 6th house): This month will open you up to make lasting and transformative changes to daily activities and routines that are not in the best interests of your health. If you’ve been feeling sluggish or stagnant, then it’s time to start exploring the motor behind your daily habits.  There’s a powerful force that might be misused and concealed with those habits and you can use this new moon to break free of them.  A gentle way to begin this exploration is to start a dream journal.  Before bed, ask your higher self for dreams to guide you on how to transform your vital energy.  Before long you’ll have a much clearer picture of how to liberate your feelings from your habits. 

CANCER SUN OR RISING (Taurus 11th house, Scorpio 5th house): What is taboo around your sense of play or creativity and how can it become something that supports your sense of belonging on a soul level? This month, evolutionary forces are opening you up to hold a deeper, exquisite sense of play and joy for life.  What was once a distant wish (or something you never imagined you could attain) is about to be up for grabs but the key to true evolution is to look deep in your heart for the true nature of your desire. This will cleanse the undertow of your will of any lingering rejection or insecurity and let you tap into an elevated desire, one that is healing and wholesome.

LEO SUN OR RISING (Taurus 10th house, Scorpio 4th house): You have an opportunity to transform how you’ve grounded yourself to navigate the world safely.  Whatever you decided was not going to be a part of you and then buried because it was too unstable, dramatic or needy can be cut away. Let go of emotions that are killing you slowly and keeping you safe. Rather than realising your fear of losing ground, this is necessary for your deep nourishment.  Claim the wellspring of creativity and power that belongs to you with courage and confidence. 

VIRGO SUN OR RISING (Taurus 9th house, Scorpio 3rd house): Day to day thoughts are a very powerful engine in our lives. Yours are due for an overhaul, which will let you unplug the bigger belief system that forms them.  While not quite unconscious, the social pattern that surrounds us from friends, neighbours and siblings is where you’ll find an opportunity to explore a new opportunity for feeling and seeing with clarity.  Releasing any rigidity or fixed opinions can open the gate to deep healing in these relationships and free you up for new, more intimate moments with people you care about.

LIBRA SUN OR RISING (Taurus 8th house, Scorpio 2nd house): This month take some time to look at how you’ve tried to be ‘good’ or ‘worthy’ through beauty, peace, or obedience, then ask yourself if there is more in you that you want to have acknowledged and accepted.   You’ll be exploring the darker aspects of making yourself a commodity or an object in a relationship and gaining clarity around how you control your sense of value.  True self worth is not something you gain from how others perceive you, its through the process of recognizing and acknowledging yourself for who you are and being faithful to yourself through every step of the way in who you’re becoming.

SCORPIO SUN OR RISING (Scorpio 1st house, Taurus 7th house): Don’t underestimate how aligned you can be with the magic rhythm that shapes your life and your relationships.  Slow down for a minute… submerge yourself in a place where there is no light, and no sound.  Take a second and breathe, get a sense of the space. What is there for you? How do you feel?  What would happen if you allowed that experience to rise to the surface with you.  Are you clinging to it or do you want to be free of it?  There’s no limit to the sheer pleasure of being embodied without the burden of hurt and fear from the past, let yourself feel that in the days and weeks to come after this new moon.

SAGITTARIUS SUN OR RISING (Taurus 6th house, Scorpio 12th house): Paying attention to your dream life can unlock a chance to get rid of any kind of compulsive pattern you’ve been holding in your day to day.  By establishing a connection to the dream world, you’re connecting with the consciousness that precedes your daily reality.  Becoming aligned with this consciousness gives you the opportunity to realign and recognize yourself as the pattern maker rather than just being ‘patterned’ by external circumstances: aka your unconscious mind.  

CAPRICORN SUN OR RISING (Taurus 5th house, Scorpio 11th house): Our self image is important but it can be a serious dampener of joy in our life.  Social connection can bring a transformation for, but fear can get in the way and lock you out of true, deep, pleasure. Take some time to cull your social media this month and to explore what you would get up to if it wasn’t for the social standard you’re trying to uphold.  When we can acknowledge our own nature privately, within our own mind and soul, then the opinions of others no longer have a hold on us and our capacity for a deeply joyful expression of life can move through us.

AQUARIUS SUN OR RISING (Taurus 4th house, Scorpio 10th house): You have the courage and strength to cut ties with power dynamics that you’ve enabled in exchange for material security.  You’ll be given the opportunity to rebalance and redirect your own ambition and power into something that is nourishing for you, so take it.  Especially if you’re at a point where you’re giving everything just to get a crumb in return, the universe has your back to choose something different now.  Unlocking that choice can make a meaningful difference in aligning your inner self with how you’re perceived.

PISCES SUN OR RISING (Taurus 3rd house, Scorpio 9th house): Surrendering an old belief system about your friends, neighbours or siblings will set you free from something you’ve been holding on to for a really long time. Extend forgiveness towards yourself or others to let go of ideas or thought patterns that have been undermining you.  Doing this brings you back to a strength that’s not separate from your gentle, compassionate nature and restores the power to set your own course in life.

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A note about the AI generated image. I chose the symbol of a tree to represent our evolutionary process (a seed planted long ago has taken the time and resources it needs to establish roots and build a strong canopy).  When it drops it’s leaves, it creates soil for itself which represents the cyclical nature of life: what goes into the ground is transformed and will emerge renewed.  The man and woman are divided by the tree that is sheltering them, but they’re both equal actors in the scene.  He gathers flowers in his basket while they drop down from her dress and on to the ground, representing fertility and creativity. The snake is an age old symbol for transformation and medicine; poison also effects a cure.

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